Friday, October 9, 2009

Pretty Picture

This picture's pretty.

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Writing Tips

WARNING:: Writing may come with "Writer's Block"! You may have a case of writer's block yourself! Symptoms include a hard time concentrating, "not being able to think", having a hard time coming up with ideas, or anything similar to that! Sound like you have it? Well I'm on the case! Here's what to do if YOU develop a case of writer's block!

(1) Keep your heart and eyes open. Always. Poetry is all about being more sensitive and aware of the things surrounding you that we see everyday, but forget the beauty behind it. Like a sunrise or sunset. We see it everyday, it's so beautiful, but we never pay a lot of attention to it.
(2) Always carry a notepad around so when an idea strikes, you can jot it down before you forget what it was in the first place!
(3) Get out! Go somewhere! The catch? It has to be somewhere with people around. Do you live next to a park? Know a great mall teens like to hang out at? Go there! People can spark creativity too! See a kid playing with a rubber ball? You could write a story about a child who loved something as a kid, and how he felt when he outgrew it, or something that. Or you could write about a kid that lost that toy, how he dealt with it, and how he finally found it. You could turn a simple scene into something miraculous! Poetry is just like a fire, it only takes a small spark to get the whole thing started!
(4) Don't "think" up ideas. Poetry is NOT just a bunch of words thrown together on a page to put you to sleep. You have to "weave" it together with the right bunch of ingredients. Emotion? Thought? Picture (the picture is creates in your mind)? All essential in your poetry. Don't stress about ideas. Poems just happen. It's not something you can "force" to happen.
(5) Grab your handy dandy notepad, and walk over to a park, around the block, or even your own backyard! Write down everything you see, physically feel, hear, smell, and how it makes you feel. Feel cold air on your skin? See a kid tossing a ball? Write it down! Turn your small lines in a poem. If you do it one a daily basis, it gets easier. Here is an example of one of mine:

"Faint chilly air rolls
through my skin, the
smell of burnt leaves
floats to the splash
of color setting in the
distance, while dogs
bark to applaud
the show."