Friday, May 1, 2009


Hear the drummers bang, hear the trumpets' blow, hear the flutes chime (that's the instrument I play at Maiden Middle School! Go FLUTES!), hear the trombones slide, hear the clarinet hum to the melody, hear the sax play to the rythem. I hear the rythem and I tap to the beat. The music strikes me like lightning, and before I know it, the song is inside of me. Inside of my heart. The song lyrics circle around me, as I remember the words. I listen as the instruments get louder, and it hits me harder. Soon I forget I am playing and I am in a musical dreamland.

*In honor of the Maiden Middle and Maiden High School bands! Visit the high school band website at Rock on flutes (and the other instruments too!)!*

The Garden

A place where vegetables exchange secrets. It's a place nature blossoms and gives you a sample of itself. It's where the animals secretly grab food and the spot insects run free, not holding back. It's that special spot flower-lovers and gardeners put their mind and thoughts into reality. Where else can you find their work and beauty? It's the location roots and seeds come together to make something truley beautiful. Where is this wonderful, magical place you ask? Why, it's in the garden.


I stare as the "glamour girls" shoot through the halls with their hair curled to perfection and every hair in place. Their perfume could drowned out the next room. Their flashy, high-style clothes are shining through the windows. Their real Coach handbags nearly knock everyone over. Their big, large braclets clackle everytime they wave. Their heels click along. I stare down at my Converses, laugh, and roll my eyes. I grab my school bag, smile, and walk the other way.

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My Dreams

I know it's random, but when I get older, I want to be a professional writer and poet. I have writen novels and poems in the past, and I have been commented on them several times. People say that they are adult-like, or fantastic, and really good things like that. So, the main purpose I am going to use this blog is for posting my poems, and I want people like you to comment on them, and tell me what you really think, no matter how crucial.