Sunday, August 23, 2009

My True Love

You sprinkle on my soul; a light mist. You are the bright Sun in my mornings to my twinkling stars that dance in my night. Your heart is my obsession, your eyes are my light, your soul part of mine. You circle and flow through my body as if on command. Your shining face overpowers all of my thoughts, your smile a permanent part of me. Your eyes remain inside, with their smile and twinkle. Your soul blends into me, into mine with it's innocence and individuality. How could anything else take control of me like this? Your eyes run through my mind and your smile shines into my heart. Innocence, happiness, smile, eyes, passion, kindness, gentle nature, all of which belongs to you creep through the seams of my mind... This happiness inside combined between us two shall never shadow, the love shall continue to bloom deep inside... And never rest. To eternity and back.

*I would like to dedicate this poem to my true love, Michael*

Friday, August 14, 2009


Spring, a time where flowers peak. The butterflies and birds smile down on the world bellow and the Sun crawls out of it's shade. The school books and dropped and the jump ropes slice the air, the flowers pierce the world with their floral scent. The trees flap through the breeze, showing off their newly bloomed beauties. The flowers shoot through the ground saying their time has come to show off their essence. The creatures peek through their holes and hop, run, fly, or crawl to the Sun that shines bright today. That is the true meaning of Spring.

This was my first real poem I had ever written. That I can find. There is one more before this one. I can't remember where I put it.... It was legally the first one.


I think back to a time of soldiers and fighters. The cannons and guns firing, I breathe in the scent of gunpowder and I hear the cries of help from the wounded and dying warriors, fighting for my freedom. I feel the wounded and I remember what they did. I inhale the bloody scent and listen to the cry--- no mourning, of those poor families. I taste the freedom given to me, and it tastes like victory. I strain to see the remains of these amazing heroes. I watch as they go down with a terrified expression. They all put thereselves through this just so I could live free.

*Really stop and think about why we celebrate July 4th.*